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2017 15th Hong Kong International Wushu Championship 2016-04-05
Announcement of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Art Contest 2016-04-05
Individual Taolu “King of the Kings” Supreme Award 2016-04-01
All-around Individual Wushu Taolu Award 2016-04-01
Ambassador overseas wushu dissemination 2016-04-01
The golden boy award, award, award for seniors 2016-04-01
Activity(1) Duan Exam 2015-07-21
Activity(2) Outstanding Coach Selection 2015-07-21
Activity(3) Kung Fu Movie Star Meeting 2015-07-21
Activity(4) The Craft, Painting and Photo Competition 2015-07-21
Activity(5) Wushu film star autograph session 2015-07-21
Activity(6) Grading System (DAN SYSTEM) of Chinese Wushu Examination 2015-07-21
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