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  Announcement of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Art Contest 2016-04-05
Announcement of Poetry
Calligraphy and Painting Art Contest
       It is necessary to attract wide social concerns and supports to develop and inherit Wushu preferably. Especially, art is deeply connected with Wushu, as a twin brother. They have been united and cooperated smoothly from the very beginning. Any country or nation in the history that accomplished achievements in Wushu or art could be found to be successful in both civil and military. The most influent portrait of the first memorable Chinese patriotic poet—Qu yuan, is armed with a sword and up to the wind. Du Fu, sage of poetry and fairy poet Li Bai of Tang dynasty were familiar with the essence of Wushu and left a lot of praises in their great poems. Qiu Jin, a female revolutionist in the late Ming and early Qing dynasty, was also an “arts and arms” giant. Pushkin, a Russian major poet, was still a fencing master although dead as a result of sword. Cervantes, a Spanish writer, was proved to have exquisite skills and deep emotion in sword thus he could write Don Quichotte.
       All these are proofs of perfect harmony between Wushu and art. It can be found that arts and arms geniuses exist everywhere in Wushu and art circles. Therefore, Hong Kong International Wushu Championship always focuses on and lifts art as one of the most important activities in the event. Moreover, the 1st calligraphy and painting work contest and auction will be held in current championship, which is convinced to be a very bright color and radiant scenery at the time. Every artist, with his unique artistic personality and style, will make unworldly birthmark and branding on every hill, stream, flower and grass. As a result, there is a riot color in the world of art.
       The poetry, calligraphy and painting art tournament will continue to be held in 2017 15th Hong Kong International Wushu Championship. The main creation themes are martial spirit, knight’s cultures and Wushu heroes. We hope to take this opportunity to stimulate more artists’ creative passion to compose much more and brilliant art pieces.
       The poetry, calligraphy and painting art tournament of 15th Hong Kong International Wushu Championship will be held from Apr. 1st, 2016 to Dec. 31st, 2016. Hong Kong International Wushu Championship organizing committee will structure professionals to give an evaluation with 10 first prizes and several prizes for 2nd, 3rd and excellent prizes.  
       During the 2017 “Peer Cup” Hong Kong International Wushu Championship, we will choose 10 works among prize-winning calligraphy and paintings to conduct auction after asking for permission from their owners. Organizing committee will collect all entries permanently and award diploma and collection certificate to creators.
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