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[8 Awards] of 15th Anniversary Celebration
1. “King of Kings Micro Wushu”  100 Thousand Cash Award Competition
    One contest is bare-handed and one is with equipment. One athlete can only attend one contest. There are two age groups, and one is above 35 y/o and the other is lower. There are four groups in total. The top three will be the winners regardless of genders. Each contest will have three athletes winning the first prize with 5,000 yuan and certificate; three athletes will win the second prize with 2,000 yuan and certificate; four athletes will win the third prize with 1,000 yuan and certificate. The total reward is 100,000 yuan. Each contest accepts 100 participates. First come, first served.
2.All-around Individual Wushu Taolu Award
    You need to take part in 3 items, Quan, Instrument and Dual to be take part in this Award.  Different fro m the “King of the Kings”, there will be 17 age group and also separate from male and female.  We will select the 3 highest score fro m each group, so totally there will be 102 athletes.    The winner of each group can get a Certificate, 4 track suits, 1st and 2nd runner-up can get a Certificate and 1 track suit.
3. Wushu Routine King of Kings Group Award of 15th Anniversary Celebration
    The group event with 40 or more participants will go in for appraisal free of charge. The competition will be held at the closing ceremony regardless of groups and events. The total points will be scores multiplying number of athletes. There will be one group champion awarded with 10,000 yuan, and one group runner-up awarded with 3,000 yuan, and 50 group third winners awarded with Xiezhi costumes worth 1,000 yuan.
4. Parent-child Wushu Routine Award
    Parent-child competition is set to encourage family affection, promote the sense of family and facilitate the relationship between parents and children. The ranking depends on the total of the scores. The top six participants will be awarded with a suit of parent-child sports wears respectively; and the participants ranking seventh to twentieth will be awarded with parent-child T—shirt respectively.
5. Sanda Individual Champion of 15th Anniversary Celebration
    The champion of adult group will be awarded with gold belt, certificate, 500 yuan and a suit of sports wears. Other levels will be awarded with medals, certificate and a suit of sports wears.
    The second place of all levels in adult group will be awarded with silver medal, certificate and a suit of sports wears.
    The third place of all levels in adult group will be awarded with silver medal and certificate.
6. Taekwondo Poomsae Events
    For the Group event, the winner can get Xie Zhi clothing valued at HK$3.000, HK$2,000 for the 1st Runner-up and HK$1,000 for the 2nd Runner-up.
    1.      Scoring for Group Event (Group Poomsae, Dual and Dance), the first 3 is 12/10/8
    2.      Scoring for Individual Event, the first three is 10/8/6
    3.      Total score above will be the Final score for the Group Event
    Remarks:  All the Awards will be announced at our Official Website 8 April 2017.
7. Aged respect award, child award and senior Award
    The award is set to encourage all the people to participate in Wushu and promote its popularization and development.
    The assessment methods for aged respect award: all athletes younger than 4 y/o and older than 75 y/o will be awarded with a gift.
    The assessment methods for child award and senior award is based on aged respect award. The youngest and eldest athlete (per residence booklet copy or birth certificate copy) will be awarded with 1,000 yuan and certificates.
8. Youth On-Line Video We Chat Contest
    The committee and Xie Zhi clothing will jointly host this contest, the purpose is to encourage the high standard young Wushu lover to participate in this contest. The top 4 winners will become the Ambassador of the Promotion of Xie Zhi clothing. 150 Athletes only, at the we chat of Xie Zhi, voted by the public
    The Team Leader need to tape the video for the participant.  Age limit is below 12.
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